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Donations . . .   Fundación de Culebra

The Culebra Foundation is successful because of the financial support from the community.  

Did you know that your donation whether it be money, services or merchandise is tax deductable?  Culebra Foundation has 501-C3 tax exempt status.  You can make your donation with PAYPAL, ATH Movil or check payable to Fundación de Culebra.  Please make note, when donating, if there is a particular project you would like your donation applied to. 


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Check payable to:

Fundación de Culebra,                 

P.O. Box  331, 

Culebra, PR 00775


100% of the funds we collect at Fundación de Culebra are to cover the costs of the programs we run. Most of the members of the Foundation are volunteers, who believe in our mission to educate and train our population for a better Culebra.


90% percent of Musica Pa’ Culebra (MPC) funds go to pay our teachers who give individual and group classes, organize bands and concerts. The rest of the money goes to maintenance of the facilities and instruments. We thank you for the financial support for this valuable work.


The Culebra Foundation has 5 major projects.

1. The Culebra Museum (since 2008)

The museum collects artifacts, documents, old plans, videos and photos and all kinds of information about Culebra.

20200202_104037 copy.jpg

2. The Digital Archive

Archive of Collections of Culebra;

where all the materials owned by the Fundación de Culebra are being digitized and  placed on the page

digital archive.jpg

3. Community Resilience

We have two buildings, The Culebra Museum (1905) and Offices (1908) that are Community Resiliency Centers. They have solar energy, drinking water tanks, communications, and other resources. In addition to their regular functions, they are designed to provide support to the community during natural disasters.

Solar 1908.jpg
water purification 1908.jpg

4.  Música Pa 'Culebra

The Música Pa 'Culebra program began with Summer Camp in 2016 and has grown into a year round program since then.  This is done with the desire that the children of Culebra have music in their lives and that music continues to play a strong role in the community.  Learning music involves learning life skills that can be very useful as one grows older, particularly when living in a place like Culebra. Our program has children from the two schools on the island: La Escuela Ecológica (public) and Abbie's School (home schooling).  Bringing kids from all backgrounds together.


5.  Culebrenses Environmental Leaders

Silmarie Padrón, a marine biologist from Culebra with a record of success in the environmental field, joins the Fundación de Culebra team. We have initiated the Culebrenses Environmental Leaders project, with the support of Para La Naturaleza. There are no coincidences but synchronicities. This is a one year project where eleven young Culebranses will receive instruction in various areas of nature in Culebra and will visit other places outside of our island. The idea is to train them and expose them to careers in the environmental area while being ambassadors in the work of protection and enjoyment of our island.

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