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Projects / House of Music and Resiliency

We broke ground on this project this past November on a property donated to the Fundacion by Justin Sullivan. It will be a place to comfortably house teachers and facilitators when they come to serve our community.


The property will also serve as a resiliency center, providing essential services during community emergencies and it will be a model for teaching energy efficiency.Our first step will be converting a shipping container into a performance/community space.  One of our big goals for 2024 will be a fundraising campaign to pay for renovating the house which needs substantial improvements.

Endless thanks to Justin Sullivan, Mike Gifford, Douglas Lang, Jose Hernandez (Tony) and Ivan Vanchy Porto for their work and love.Thanks as well to the missionaries of the Methodist Church for their help and support.To Abi Carrillo, Ana and her work team.And to German Amaro, Gaby Castro and all those who support us.

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