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1. Create the first organized group of Culture, History, Environment and Community
2. Organising Culebrita Lighthouse restoration
3. Photography Collection
4. Reconstruction of the Historic Building 1908
5. Reconstruction of the historic building 1905
6. Oral History Interviews
7. Documentary Production on Culebra
8. Publications
9. Museum Project
10. Música Pa' Culebra program
11. Digitization Project
12. Archeology Collection
13. Collaborative work with other organizations
14. Voice in community situations
15. Help in emergency situation
16. Education in Nature areas
17. Custodian of documents, photographs, plans and material related to Culebra
18. Culebra is Law

19. PAZa in Culebra- large format magazine

20. Compilation of documentaries about Culebra
21. Translation and publication of

Tamara Pérez's book
22. Publication of the book Culebra 1 by

Juan J Romero
23. Publication of Claro Feliciano's Culebra Book
24. Coordination of volunteer work throughout the island and of various projects and groups
25. Provide 1908 building as a hurricane shelter
26. Conferences and talks with schools in Culebra and other schools
27. Coordinate educational activities for the community
28. Presentation of other books
29. Serve as liaison and community support in emergency situations such as hurricane, problems with the septic system, problems with invoicing of the AEE, etc.


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