Donations for People Power  We could use a little help from our friends.

1. Teacher salaries

We are now moving into our fourth year and, as we grow our needs continue to evolve.  Any recommendations on how to fill them is welcome.


Our primary need is funds to pay teacher salaries.They are the engine of our program. About 90% of the donated funds are used to pay teachers. It is important to note that 100% of the funds donated are used for teacher pay, supplies and instruments. This is augmented by the Culebra Foundation support team, which carries out its work on a strictly voluntary basis.


Salaries for the coming year . . . $32,000

2. Improvements for the recording studio

We are also fitting out a booth for the recording studio, which has become a magnet for the older kids. We still need a couple French doors  or a sliding door, to connect both rooms. We are also looking for ceiling acoustic tiles and office dividers to finalize the recording studio sound proofing.

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3. Steel Drum - Tenor


We are starting a band of steel drums and we need to acquire at least 3 of these instruments that are very important for our community, because they reflect the Caribbean spirit of our island.


Donation price with shipping: $1600.00

4. Barilles

These are the drums for Bomba. Developed and built in Puerto Rico. Four of these would be ideal!


Donation price with shipping: $475.00

5. Kala Ukelele Bass

This bass is sized like a ukelele, but has the same range as a bass guitar and a tone similar to an upright jazz bass. This is a easy instrument for guitar players to use and is perfect for teaching music basics to musicians with small hands.  We would like to add two of these instruments for the Spring semester.

Donation price with shipping: $400.00

6. Sure SM-58 Microphone

Microphones will be needed for student jams and performances. This mic is a workhorse, it sounds good and is well suited for rough handling.  We would like to add two of these mics for the Spring semester.

Donation price with cable and shipping: $125.00

7. K&M Microphone Stand

A microphone needs a stand that's solidly built.  This stand fits that bill.

Donation price with shipping: $130.00

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