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Culebra 1

The book is a compilation of general information about Culebra.  It was edited by Juan J. Romero Sanes and has part of his photographic collection, which is a compilation of different aspects of the island history.  The book is bilingual.

1908 Building

This is a historical building that belonged to the U.S. Navy.  The building was restored with the Culebra community and The Culebra Foundation, Inc. efforts.  Actually, the building serves as a center for reunions, seminaries and The Culebra Foundation, Inc. office.  It is also a safe storage for our archaeological pieces, historical documents, pictures and videos.  Other non-profit organizations are welcome to use the facilities for meetings or seminaries.

Historical Museum of Culebra: El Polvorín


Inaugurated on February 23, 2008 with great community efforts.  The permanent exhibition consists of archaeology, nature and environment, culture, history and areas with audiovisuals and documentaries.  It opens from Friday-Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Previous reservations can be made for large groups, any day of the week.  The donation request is $1.00 per person.

Isla de Culebra by Claro Feliciano


After years of been the Culebra mayor, Claro Feliciano went to Spain in search for Culebra history archives.  This book collects a lot of information from the first island lot division, agriculture, the first village and the U.S. Navy years in the island.  The book is in Spanish.

Culebrita Lighthouse Restoration

More than 20 years ago, the Culebra Foundation, Inc. was created with the mission to restore the Culebrita Lighthouse.  After a lot of efforts, and Juan Romero’s determination, the lighthouse jurisdiction was transferred from the United States Department of Interior to the Municipality of Culebra.  On January 2015, the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust signed a contract to manage and restore the lighthouse.  Our objectives still focus on preserving the lighthouse original beauty and getting the Culebra community involve in the restoration process.

Culebrita Lighthouse Documentary

This documentary was sponsored by the Culebra Foundation, Inc.  Spectacular views and valuable information about the lighthouse are included.  Also, the story of those who lived at the lighthouse is narrated.  The project was possible thanks to the help of arquitects Janet Null and Gene Lindman.  The documentary has English subtitles.

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