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Projects 3/19/19
Héctor El Protector: a history
of resilience in Culebra.
Hector head.jpg

Hurricane Maria blew away the sculpture that the international artist Thomas Dambo built for us in 2016.  


The sculpture was built during Culebra es Ley and the 135/40 Celebration of the Culebra Foundation.

It was the only loss we had in the hurricane.  In fact, Tomasito Ayala went on his boat to look for the remnants of the sculpture and found the "body" in the canal.

Residents and visitors missed the sculpture of Hector who received them on each trip. Many say that Hector protected us during the hurricane.

We contacted Thomas Dambo and asked him if he could come with his work team and redo Hector the Protector. We saw it as an act of disaster recovery and a symbol of resilience.

Thomas started a Go Fund campaign, we got sponsors for housing, food and transportation and we were able to get the tickets for Thomas and his team.

Tomasito de Culebra worked hand in hand with Thomas of Denmark. In fact, Tomasito made a heart for the new Hector with wood from the original Hector he found in the canal.

The children from the Abbie's school met Thomas and talked about his art and his message of recycling and nature protection. They gathered snails and in the art room of the Culebra Foundation they made a necklace to the new Hector. They delivered it to him and they sang welcome songs. It was very beautiful activity that ended with the children throwing themselves into the water as only local children know how to do.

Many thanks to all who supported this initiative because it is important in many ways. The new Hector has a lantern with solar light ... hopefully the new direction of our resilience with alternative energy. Thomas also told us how in his trips to other countries many people commented to him that they had seen the sculpture in Culebra .... Projects like this that combine the efforts of many, give great satisfaction that it is an achievement of all. This year, 2019 also the Culebra Foundation celebrates its 25 years, so there is no better way to celebrate it, than with the reconstruction of  Hector the Protector of Culebra!

We continue!

Link for Thomas Dambo:

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