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Culebra Salutes the Sun
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This was a learning gift for our kids thanks to EDF (Environmental Defense Fund), Borintek and Jayuya Solar Energy Systems Company.

On Thursday, 2 engineers arrived in Culebra; José Miranda and Jesús and 2 helpers/wives Damaris and Marisol from Borintek.  They came to share their knowledge of solar energy.  


On Friday, 25 children from Culebra learned about solar energy in a talk, and they built a solar carts.  Competitions were held on Saturday. We followed Covid protection protocol, and we made groups of 2 and 3 students, with ages ranging from 6 up to 16 years old. It was an intense and wonderful experience. For me the most special part was when on Saturday they arrived and "tested" the carts by putting them in the sun! Their faces and joy ... The competitions were very special, where there were from technical problems to the use of video recording because the races were almost a draw! We did the awards where everyone won and the prices were other solar toys. The first two places were 2 teams of girls and the 3rd was the team of the Peques (younger kids). The first Culebra Saluda al Sol was a success.


We are grateful to EDF for sponsoring the activity and its commitment to making Culebra the first Solar Island in America, to the Borintek team of Energia Solar for coming from Jayuya to teach with so much love and affection. We would also like to thank Yadi, Doug, Sandra, Lisa Olson, Cynthia, Ramon, Dusty, and the parents who attended the races, thank you for your support. We all remain with the desire to do more and dreaming of the next Culebra Greet the Sun. The Sun greeted us in a brilliant way to accompany us in this energy resilience project for Culebra.




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