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Projects 9/4/2020
Digital Archive of Culebra
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“Many years will pass before true value is given to all the effort and work that we have done here.  Let there be no doubt that this work of being  a volunteer  is a labor of love and a gift for present and future generations, let them enjoy it.”     Onward! 

Fundación de Culebra proudly presents its website that is dedicated to presenting the Juan J. Romero Collection.  

Throughout his life, Juan dedicated himself to being the archivist of all documents, photos, newspaper clippings, maps, videos and interviews about Culebra. Many of these manuscript documents he cleaned or translated. All these materials have been in our offices where, a few years ago, we began the process of organizing, classifying and digitizing them.

This was one of Juan's big dreams; that all this work and this valuable information could be preserved on a website where it could be accessible to everyone. Today and always Juan lives on in this great feat for his beloved  island of Culebra.

By definition, this digital archive is a work in progress. We are constantly  receiving and uploading information and the archive continues to grow.  In fact, any document, photo or artifact about Culebra is welcome. Remember that we only need to digitize it or take a photo of it, if you want to keep the original.

At this moment, two well-qualified people from Culebra are working on this project:  Sandra Rivera, a retired technology teacher and Tamara Pérez, a history teacher who is working on her doctoral dissertation.

We appreciate the valuable effort of the Diaspora Group of the University of Puerto Rico, who helped start the project and have offered continued support.  Especially to doctors Mirerza González,  Nadjah Ríos and Rosadel Santos-Flores.  We would also like to thank the Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities.

We invite you to explore and share this important digital archive so that our history is known, enjoyed and valued.


Visit the Digital Archive of Culebra -

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