Musica Pa' Culebra

Our objective is to expose children and adolescents to develop team work, structure and perseverance skills through the music lessons.  Also, giving them the opportunity of self-expression and maybe even the chance to obtain a job.

Héctor El Protector

Héctor El Protector was a Thomas Dambo creation, as a contribution to our art festival “Culebra es Ley”.  The structure was built in 5 days using recycled palettes.  Now it is a permanent structure and protector of our island nature.

Museum Store

At the museum store we offer a variety of books, documentaries, t-shirts, caps, handcrafts, stickers, etc.  All the money collected goes to the museum maintenance.

Culebra Es Ley

Public art project that took place on November 2014.  It had a great impact in our community and the artists.  It was an honor to have 3 culebran artists participating in the project: Jorge Acevedo, Richard Gautier and Andrés Cortés (youngest artist with 13 years).  The project was part of the Culebra Foundation, Inc. 20th anniversary celebrations.

Culebra Memories Documentary

The documentary presents the history of 14 culebrans.  It lets you learn about the history of Culebra through the memories of these beloved characters from our community.  It is available at the museum for a $15.00 donation.

Culebra Photographic Archive

Is a beautiful video with the Culebra Foundation, Inc. historic photography collection.  The Foundation produced the video with David Moscoso and the music of Omar Silva.  The beautiful portrait was made by Juan Carlos Garabito.  It is available at the museum store for a $15.00 donation.

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