Founders Projects

Activities with students to promote their history and culture knowledge.

“El Legado Continua, Cucuito el rey del dron”

A steel drum music activity with the participation of local musicians.  Is in memory of Cucuíto, a great musician and community leader.  This also motivates new generations in our island to keep on with the steel drum band tradition.  The event is organized every year  with his daughter, Mayra Félix and the Munet family.

Translation of Tamara Pérez Book – Social and political mobilization against the US Navy presence in Culebra 1960-1975


The Culebra Foundation, Inc. sponsored the publication of the English version.  The book was translated by Juan J. Romero and reviewed by Rita Surface.  The book is the thesis of Tamara, a beloved culebran, which investigates the aspects of the civil fight for the mobilization of the U.S. Navy from the island territory. It is available at the museum store for a $20.00 donation.

Marejada and PAZa at Culebra


Is a magazine/newspaper which is a result of an alliance with the Foundation for a Better Puerto Rico, Inc.  The mission is to inform about our people, history, culture and projects.  Each volume is a collection piece.  The magazine is free, donations are accepted to help with its publication.



Vol. 10 Num. 1 y 2

Enero 2017

PAZa en Culebra

Vol. 1 Num. 3

Junio 2015

PAZa en Culebra

Vol. 1 Num. 2

Abril 2015

PAZa en Culebra

Vol. 1 Num. 1

Febrero 2015

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